You Can Never Have Too Many Throw Pillows

Pier 1 along with Home Goods are possibly two of the most amazing home decor stores I have come across. Any time your looking for a little nick nack of sorts to add a little something to your home, these are the stores to check out.

One of my absolute favorite items that you can find at both of these stores are throw pillows! In living rooms and bedrooms, throw pillows can add such  dimension. One of the fun aspects about tossing a few throw pillows on the couch, or in your bedroom is that they don't all have to be identical, feel free to mix and match!

Pick different hues or shades that complement your main color scheme and go wild! I think that throw pillows are a fun and unique way to add some pop to your home decoration; especially in bedrooms when most furniture pieces fall along the same horizontal plane. A few throw pillows will not only break up that flat planed perspective, but give you the ability to branch out with some fun vibrant colors. In the living room it could be as simple as adding a small touch of color to a rather monochromatic scheme.

Next time you find yourself with a bit of downtime, swing by your nearest Peir 1 or Home Goods and take a stroll through the isles. You could be very surprised with the fun items you might find!

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  1. Remember Cost Less? It was the late 90s to very early 2000s when this store was in business. It was like what HomeGoods is now but proably cheaper. I miss that store and still can't figure out why it closed so suddenly? The items I bought from they store I still own a decade later and each time I use them, I think of the Cost Less store where I bought them. Cost Less had a purple and white logo theme going on.

    I know Spain's Gift Store was the parent company.. The same company that owned (or still owns I'm not sure) a chain of Dollar stores in the Philly/South Jersey area.